Health & Safety Consultancy

Here at JMH Services, we not only want to provide you with the best training but we also want to help you set up the best safety and health management system to make your workplace a safe environment to be in for both you and your employees. With the help of a good safety and health management system in place, it will then contribute to your business success.

Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, you are required by law as an employer to: carry out a Risk Assessment, prepare a Safety Statement and then put into practice everything you have written down to help make your industry accident free while safeguarding the health and safety of those at work.

It is the employee’s duty to comply with the health and safety policy and procedures in the workplace along with co-operating with their employer.

We can help you prepare your Risk assessment and Safety Statement at a time that best suits you. We will go through each risk and hazard and then identify the best possible solution together. Each assessment is specific to its organisation. You will have to reassess this on a regular basis.

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