Risk Assessment

A risk assessment records the hazards, assess the risks and the level of harm that can be caused as a result of these hazards, followed by a control measurement to minimize and eliminate harm that can be caused to employees, workplace visitors and also to the environment.

“Every employer is required to manage safety and health at work so as to prevent accidents and ill-health. The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 require employers to:”
• identify the hazards
• carry out a Risk Assessment
• prepare a written Safety Statement

At JMH Services we can help you prioritize the high risk hazards and set proper control measures to prevent accidents occurring in these areas. Under health and safety law, your employees need to know the risk and control measurements involved in their working environment in order to keep themselves safe and healthy in the workplace.

A written record of your risk assessment will be drawn up, maintained regularly and made available for all workers and workplace visitors. Minimizing workplace risks are the key factors in drawing up a risk assessment for your business. The aim of a risk assessment is to eliminate injury and illness on your business premises as well as keep in line with environmental policies.

Our consultants will work with you and help draw up your business risk assessment within your financial budget.

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